Nipple Piercings

image.jpgMy first topic, inspired by some advice I gave in a forum.

Whilst many think nipple piercings are just aesthetically pleasing to look at, they can also add some kink into the bedroom.

Nipple piercings can increasing nipple sensation in those who are lacking. Personally as my breasts are so large I never had a lot of sensation. Getting my nipples pierced has increased my sensation a lot. However, be warned, there is a small risk that the piercings can remove your sensation altogether, so you should never rush into the decision to get piercings.

As with all piercings, use a reputable piercer and do your research. It pays to go to a professional piercer rather than a back street job. The piercings should be measured correctly and done in a clean sterile envioronment. Ask friends for advice on where they had good experiencines, this may be on other types of piercings if you don’t know anybody who has nipple piercing.

Is it Painful? 

I’d be lying if I said it was pain free. Yes it hurts… but only for 1 second. You will feel a sharp pain going through your nipple but once the needle is through the pain fades. Yes they will be slightly achy over the first couple of days of the healing process, but this is expected and it will quickly pass.

Keeping clean

During the healing process you should keep the piercings clean from “crusties”. Yes I know it’s abit gross to talk about, but as they are healing rubbish will form around them. The advice is to soak the piercings in salt water or aftercare solution and the rubbish should gently come away. Initially you should clean the piercings 4 times a day, as they become settled you can reduce this to once a day or when required.

I used medical grade 0.9% saline solution to clean my piercings.

**Handy hint – use a shot glass with solution/saline over the nipple in order to get a good soak**

Cleaning should become part of your daily routine.

How long do they take to heal?

Nipple piercings can take 9-12 months to heal properly, male nipple piercings tend to heal faster than women’s. Healing time does vary person to person and can be anything between 6 months to 2 years. However with good aftercare you can expect to be healed around the 9 month mark.

When can they be played with?

Hands Off!!! 

This is important during the healing process. They should not be played with until fully healed, so this means you need to wait for them to stop forming rubbish.

If you break this rule then you will be at risk of infection. Also it can be painful to play with before they are ready. Trust me, it’s worth waiting. Everytime you play with them before they are healed it will disturb and delay the healing process and everything will take a lot longer.

So sorry guys/girls you are gonna have to wait 9 months or so before you can try out your new accessories.

Bars or rings? 

A lot of people wonder which will be better, nipple bars or nipple rings. Whilst there are other variations eg. Nipple shields… bars and rings are the main 2 choices for the initial piercing.

Girls… get bars. Do not get nipple rings. They have a higher chance of rejection as girls tend to have larger nipples and more weight to them. Bars are a lot safer and heal better and faster than nipple rings.

Guys… as your nipples are smaller you can have nipple rings as there is less chance of rejection, however I still advise getting a bar until healed.

On the subject of bars, when pierced you should have long bars inserted. They should be a lot longer than your nipple to allow for swelling in the initial healing process. My first bars were 22mm long. Now I have 16mm long, but this will vary depending on the soze of ur nipples.

1 nipple or 2? 

So do you get 1 done or both?

It’s up to you really, how you feel, how do you picture yourself with piercings?

It is common for guys to get only get one nipple pierced. However there is nothing stopping you from getting both done.

Girls.. it is more common to get both done, but again no reason why you can’t just leave it at one.

My advice if you think you do want both done. Have them done at the same time so you can do the aftercare together. Also it’s said to hurt less if you have them done together. One will always heal faster than the other so don’t worry if they do move at different rates.

Problem shooting…

Infection…. this is something that applies to all types of piercing. If the piercing site become hot, smelly, gunky, very red. Then it’s probably infected. Soak it well in solution/saline/salt water. And keep clean. Multiple soaks per day. You may need to get antibiotics from a GP.. do not let the GP tell you to remove the piercing. Have the antibiotics and keep it clean and you should be able to save the piercing. Any concerns go back to your piercer.

Caught your piercing… OUCH. Yes it hurts if you catch a piercing and it may bleed, especially if you do this in the first couple of months. Best practice is to develop techniques to keep your piercings safe, so get rid of the shower scrunchy. Take a wide approach to squeezing though spaces and sleep in a non-wired bra. If you do catch them then it’s ok, once you’ve got past the initial swearing, just give them a clean, any bleeding normally stops quickly, or just tape some tissue over until the bleeding has stopped take care to clean well for a few days and they should be back to where they were within a week. I’ve managed to catch mine on door frames a few times, hurts a lot, but quickly rectified.

Lost a ball… oh no… keep the bar in at all costs. You need to save the piercing, nipple piercing are the fastest to heal. You can apply blue tac to the end of the bar to help keep the bar in until you can get to a piercing shop. Maybe tape the bar down. If you work in the medical field the bars can be replaced with a 14 gauge cannula.

Breastfeeding… no biggie, just remove the bar whilst feeding and replace afterwards. Nipple piercings are actually said to increase milk flow.

Enjoy your new piercings. I love mine and they have become a part of me. Can’t see me ever wanting to get rid of them.

Any questions?

I will happily help you to find the answer if I haven’t already covered it 🙂

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