The Art of Flogging

Flogging is something that I have been experimenting with in the last 6/7 months. My first flogging experience I was restrained to a St Andrews cross by a professional Dom who figured out where my initial boundaries were and gave me a good flogging, I loved it.

A flogger is a form of whip, but with multiple tails. The multiple tails allow the force to disperse and rather than a sharp snap from a whip, a flogger is more of a thuddy sensation, sometimes stingy, but depends on the material the flogger is made from. It also is dependant on how much of the tail is used to make the impact, the more tail the more thud. Whilst I can’t teach you how to flog over a blog, I can give you a good idea.


There are various techniques used in flogging:

  • Sensation play

    • Dragging floggers across the skin, whether that be soft suade or cold leather.
    • Tickling the skin with the floggers.
  • Carouseling

    • Spinning the floggers in each hand fast enough so the tails fly out and will tickle the skin.
  • Vertical flogging

    • Striking the body up and down the body making impacts on shoulders and bottom.
  • Horizontal fogging

    • Striking the body usually across the bottom.
  • Figure of 8

    • Use one floggers a figure of 8 motion across the bottom and up and down the back making impact with specific areas, carefully avoiding the spine and kidneys.
  • 4-point Florentine

    • 2 handed technique using 2 floggers. each hand makes a figure of 8 pattern and is coordinated into a mesmerising rhythm
  • 6-point Florentine

    • Similar to the 4-point florentine, however the pattern is extended and is a lot more complicated to master (I have not yet mastered this).
  • Paced flogging

    • Where strikes are purposely placed and there are anticipatory pauses between strikes.

Everybody who learns to flog will develop their own techniques. It is important to remember to use safe words, communicate with your partner/submissive, stroke and caress your partner/submissive between sections of flogging to sooth the skin, just like in the spanking blog I posted previously. Also similar to spanking you should start gentle and build up, don’t go straight in with heavy strikes as it can hurt and put someone off the idea forever.

**Avoid the spine and kidney areas to prevent injury**

Before wielding floggers on a person you should practice techniques and posture. you can use a pillow to practice aim and strength.

There are other toys/items that can be involved during a flogging session including: blindfolds, pinwheels, feathers, spanking paddles and neon wands. I will cover all these items and more in separate posts.

Whilst Flogging seems to be popular in the BDSM scene, it is also becoming a lost art. There are still plenty of people who want to try flogging but I think that a lot of people don’t know where to start. I would like to start a flogging workshop with some friends at some point in the future to help to pass on these skills and so others can experience the art of flogging. So keep your eyes posted to this blog and I will see what I can do.

Kink x

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