Do you really want to try something new?

Or is it just a fantasy?

Today we are going to debunk myths surrounding common (and not so common) fantasy’s. I’m not really going to talk about “vanilla” fantasies though i.e. sex with a hot man whilst the sun is setting, although these are ok too.

To start with, let’s get this clear, it’s ok to fantasise about things… it’s normal. You don’t need to feel ashamed about fantasising. Also, in the majority of cases the difference between fantasy’s becoming reality is communication with your partner, trust and confidence.

I’ve been lucky enough to be able to live out most people’s wildest fantasy’s so I’ve decided to share some of my experiences. Hopefully, this will either help to convince you to go and try new things or even give you naughty ideas that you hadn’t thought about before. Just before we start…. today’s post may be explicit and contain scenes of a sexual nature :p

  • Threesome (FFM) – many men and women have this fantasy. Usually it’s a couple who want another female to join there fun. These single females have a name.. Unicorns. The reason why they are called unicorns is because they are the rarest of creatures, a single bi female who is willing to play with both halves of a couple. Having said that they are not impossible to find. My main tip for finding a single bi female is to use a swinging site and be respectful. Don’t use language that implies the female will basically be a new toy for you and your partner, it’s a massive turnoff. And remember most women will only play with a couple of they are attracted to both halves of the couple.


  • Threesome (MMF) – A lot easier to come across, there are lots of single guys who will happily join a couple to share the women of the couple. When seen as an MMF if usually refers to 2 straight men sharing a women. Usually involving a spit roast, double penetration or even double vaginal penetration. These are very easy to arrange, you might even just be able to ask a male friend if they want to join in, you never know you might get lucky.


  • Threesome (BI MMF) – I have separated this one as a lot of men are adamant that they are straight and therefore won’t participate in a BI MMF. This is more of a niche fantasy. An MMF where the men also fuck each other as well as the women. It can be highly erotic and a massive turn on for some.  This is one I still have to fulfil.


  • Gangbang – A gangbang is a common fantasy for both men and women. It is normal where 1 or 2 women have sex with 5 or more men at the same time. So commonly a women would be fucked whilst also sucking dick and having dicks in her hands all at the same time, the guys will swap round to different positions as required. It can be an erotic experience all round when done correctly. Personally I would make sure that the woman trusted a couple of the guys there. This is for safety purposes. Make the rules clear before you start I.e. all must wear condoms and any acts that are off limits. There are different ways to organise a gangbang. It’s is common to hear of hotels being used to arrange gangbangs or swingers clubs. If you don’t know where to find people for your gangbang you should post up the event on a swinging site or an adult sex site, trust me, you should get plenty of offers. Always invite more guys that you require as there are sadly always a few that change their mind. My gangbang was in a swingers club on my 2nd visit. I met a gentleman there, we played alone for abit, then he took me upstairs onto the 4-poster bed which is open for everyone to see. We agreed that if guys asked to join in then we would let them, it very quickly became a 5 guys gangbang. Very safe as I was looked after and very erotic. The bed also had a cool mirror one the ceiling so it was like watching myself in a porn film. Very fun.


  • Hareem- This is the standard fantasy for most men. Where a single man has multiple beautiful women to play with at the same time, usually involves so bi female play. These are a lot harder to come across. However, have no fear, I’ve seen it happen. But I have only ever seen it happen at a club when a regular guy at the club has made friends with several women and gets the opportunity for them all to join him at the same time. Yes rare, but it does happen on occasion. I have taken part in a couple and it’s a lot of fun seeing how much pleasure the guy gets from it.


  • Roleplay – A common fantasy involving dressing up and becoming another identity for a session. Some ideas include cops and robbers, superhero’s and villains, aliens, handymen, teachers and school girls, secretary’s, maids, and many more. It’s important to plan your costume to help you get into character and just have fun with it. This is something you can easily do in the comfort of your own home and you don’t have to worry about finding other participates or being seen.


  • Domination – I will cover this in more depth in another post later on as I want to do it justice. Both men and women fantasise about being dominated/controlled or being the dominant. Where the fun really begins is when you start to introduce this in the bedroom setting. Again this is something that can be done in private or in a club setting, at a fetsih club etc.


  • Watersports – Slightly less common fantasy. Watersports involves urination, either urinating on someone or being urinated on. People interested in this find the thought of it a massive turn on. But it’s not for every one. Can also involve drinking urine.


  • Squirting – Sometimes squirting is tied in this watersports and sometimes its separated. This depends on peoples view on squirting and also as to what squirt is. I will cover this in more depth in another post. Some people fantasise about a woman squirting over them. Again this can be highly erotic. If you are one of the lucky people to find a squirter then you will know what I’m talking about.


  • Orgy – An Orgy is where a group of people all have sex together. Expect there to be hands everywhere, dicks in mouths, clits being licked, boobs being sucked, swapping partners and much more. The orgies I have been involved in have been more spontaneous orgies at clubs rather than organised and were a lot of fun to take part in. As with the ganging I would make sure there are some people there that you trust, or that you are in a safe environment such as a club.


  • Bareback sex – This can be applied to all of the above, however, this is one one I would keep as a fantasy. It is one thing experimenting and having fun, but you should always e cautious of the risks. I would not recommend putting yourself at risk by playing bareback in a group situation. Save that for your regular partner, t’s just not worth it.


I hope this inspires lots of naughty fantasies. Just remember to always stay safe. If you are wondering how to get your partner interested in making these fantasies a reality then talk to them. The only way you can do this as a couple is to communicate with each other and be completely honest with each other.

**Tip – Never try to fulfil a fantasy without involving your partner, it will only lead to distrust and broken relationships.**

Don’t forget there is nothing wrong with playing with others, sex and love are two different things. But communication is the difference between a bit of fun and cheating.

Kink x

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