Today I’m going to do a couple of posts about toys. I’m going to start with the Wartenburg pinwheel. Pinwheels are usually made of metal and traditionally have 1 wheel consisting of evenly spaced spikes. See here for a cheap single pinwheel:

PTL® Wartenberg Sensory Testing Pin Wheel Neurological Diagnostic neurowheel FETISH#2467

They can be used as part of sensation play. I tend to start and the top of the neck and down to the bottom of the spine, working my way around the back in various patterns. It can be used all over the body to determine where the sensitive areas of the skin are. You can vary the pressure applied for different sensations. Light pressure gives a tickley sensation and heavy pressure will bring out more of the sharp sensations. Very easy to use and don’t require much technique, so get one out and start experimenting, whats stopping you?

I use a 5 wheel pin wheel, it spreads out the pressure more that a single pinwheel, however there are other pinwheels available, 2 wheel, 3 wheel, even 7 wheel. This is my recommendation:

For a more erotic atmosphere the pinwheel and be used with a blindfold to heighten senses and sensitivity, also your partner/sub would not know where they will next feel sensations helping to build anticipation.

Can also be fun during flogging to introduce a new sensation and highlight sensitive areas.

Have fun playing

Kink x

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