So we’re talking about having sex. Why does it even matter about lingerie? Its probably not going to be on for very long anyway.

Its more about setting the mood and creating an erotic atmosphere. There is something special about your partner coming home to find you partially dressed in a lace robe and pretty matching underwear. Even if you are fully dressed, a lot have men and woman have a genuine appreciation to undress their partner to find sexy lingerie when they are not expecting it. Its like an unexpected present. Also wearing sexy lingerie can boost your confidence and make you feel more sexy than you may normally feel.

Now here’s where the problems come…

Sorry to say this but smaller breasted women have it easy in this department. A-C cup ladies will never have a problem in finding reasonably priced sexy matching sets. It’s a fact. Meanwhile, those of us who are blessed (arguably*) in the breast region are always going to struggle. D-G cup ladies, matching sexy sets are fairly easy to come across however your will generally have to spend slightly more then the A-C cup ladies. GG+ ladies, sexy sets are a lot rarer and cost a fortune!

*I say arguably blessed because the larger the breasts the more back pain. If you have larger breasts like me then you will know the struggle. Also they get in the way a lot.

Don’t worry ladies, I know the frustrations you go through, I’m a 38J myself. So I’m gonna help you out. Anything up to a G cup then you won’t have any problem using debenhams, or marks and spencers, La senza go up to an E cup in some bras, Ann summers go up to a H cup in some bras, generally above a G cup and you will be relying on Bravissimo, figleaves and simply be, there are some other websites where you might get a lucky find, but these are the main ones I use.

I have been known to spend £50-60 for a sexy matching set (Bra, thong and suspender belt)…. not anymore though. What I do now is chose a sexy bra (around £25-£35) and I have a selection of crotchless knickers and thongs, I just pair the bra with knickers or a thong in the same colour then add a pair of what we have nicknamed lovehoney specials:

These crotchless suspender-like tights are available in normal and plus sized and are quite generous in size. They go perfectly with pretty much every outfit, they don’t fall down like normal suspenders and there is no risk of suspender clips pinging off.

Feel free to add more suggestions to the comments and I will update the information.

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