I suppose you have all been wondering when I was going to write about swinging. I wanted to wait a little as this blog isn’t just about swinging, its about discovering yourself and exploring. Today though, I have decided it’s time to give you a proper insight into the swinging lifestyle.

Swinging, sometimes referred to as the lifestyle, is the act of polyamory or multiple partners. Traditionally when two couples swap partners also known as wife swapping. These days if covers a whole range of things including:

  • Same room swapping
  • Separate room swapping
  • Threesomes
  • Foursomes
  • Moresomes
  • Orgies
  • Soft swapping
  • Voyeurism
  • Many more

The modern swinging lifestyle isn’t reserved for just couples, there are also single swingers known as swingles. Swingles are people not actively looking for a relationship but are just having fun and enjoying the lifestyle without a partner. It is common for swingles to play with other swingles or join a couple to make a threesome. Single bi females have their own title, unicorns. They are called unicorns because it is rare to find a single bi female who is happy to play with both halves of a couple.

A common misconception is that swinging is all about sex, its not. It’s more about the social aspect, making good friends with common interests and having fun. Sex is just a form of adult fun. A lot of people go to a swingers club and don’t actually play, they just socialise, have a few drinks and a laugh with friends. We are just normal people after all… just maybe a little more open and vocal about things that you wouldn’t necessarily talk about at work. We share fetishes and techniques as well as partners.

Another common mistake is that people outside the lifestyle think its dirty and seedy, and they couldn’t be further from the truth. Clubs are kept clean, everything is wipeable, there are bottles of disinfectant everywhere and paper towels. Also bins everywhere to dispose of rubbish and condoms. Even showers for once you have finished playing. There are also private rooms, so if you don’t fancy being watched then it’s ok to have some time alone. In addition, many clubs have naked hot tubs with no sex allowed. The hot tub is usually the most social place in a club. Other ways to take the lifestyle are to meet privately or in hotels, again its not dirty… naughty maybe, but not dirty (unless you want it to be :P)

It is common etiquette for men and women to make an effort, arrive for meets clean and well presented. Essentially the same as going on a date, why would you want to date someone who turns up scruffy or smelling? Exactly, you wouldn’t. Swinging meets are the same.

**Remember – NO Means NO!!**

Consent is a massive thing in the swinging world. All parties have to consent to all sexual activity, if anyone says no at any point then that must be respected. It is accepted that in the lifestyle, if you ask to play with someone and they say no you shouldn’t take offence just move on and don’t worry about it. What you must never do is be pushy and keep asking, that’s one way to get yourself thrown out of club or blocked if online.

Yes swinging sites exist, they are a community of like-minded people sharing stories and looking for meets. Lots of people post sexy photos or lingerie, outfits and cheeky meets. Be warned, before entering a swingers site you must know that they contain the largest collection of dick pics you will have ever seen. Even when you don’t expect to see a dick pic, they will appear. It kind of comes with the territory and most learn to ignore them. On the other hand, some people really appreciate a good dick pic. You will see the good, the bad and the downright ugly haha. But along as you are ok with that then go ahead, sign up, you might just have the time of your life. Free sites are available, subscriptions to these sites tend to unlock more features and you will see that a lot of the serious swingers are also subscribers.

Swinging can be very addictive, there are so many people who keep returning to the lifestyle because they just can’t stay away, but i suppose we do have more fun. I mean, where else can you sit and chill with your partner essentially watching real life porn, or even be the centre of attention whilst playing with your partner, getting cheered on. It really is great fun and you also never really know what is going to happen, all club nights turn out differently and all meets are different.

Any questions?

Kink x



2 thoughts on “Swinging”

    1. This is true… I love the social side and have lots of friends which enjoy the social side.
      Also like I have mentioned…. everyone has their own ideas and everyone enjoys different things, you don’t have to be into something just because someone else is, this is just to give an idea of what actually happens. If people want to try it then great, if not then they will probably enjoy something else.


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