Magic Wand

All hail the magic wand.

The magic wand was originally designed as a body massager for sore muscles. In the 70’s it quickly gained a reputation for what is now its more primary use, which is to provide clitoral stimulation… and it’s very good at it.

Can be used for solo play or for use with a partner. Try different amounts of pressure and speed, some woman like light pressure, some like heavy pressure, try building up the speed, or varying the speed to tease your partner. When using it on a partner you can tease them by bringing them almost to the point of orgasm then stopping, it will drive your partner wild. The magic wand is known for giving some of the most intense orgasms. There are also internal attachments and male attachments available for some wands.

**Tip – It’s worth investing in a mains powered wand, you don’t have to keep replacing batteries, and you get much more power out of them.**

My recommendation is the Lovehoney classic magic wand. It s mains powered and has a scroll wheel to adjust the speed so you can make slight adjustments if required, very easy to use and extremely long lasting and durable. I have had mine now for 4 years and its still going strong.

Many women state that it is a magic wand that made them squirt for the first time. That may be related to the sheer power and intensity of the vibrations that are produced with a magic wand. I will cover squirting in another post later.

I have previously taken my wand to parties and given a couple of girls a very good time…. who needs a man when you’ve got a wand 😛

Kink x

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