Naturists Vs Swingers

Normality resumed from my previous post.

So there is some confusion from those not in either lifestyle and many believe that naturism and swinging go hand in hand, this is not the case. They are two separate lifestyles, although it is possible to participate in both lifestyles.

Naturism is the movement supporting, practising, advocating and defending personal, social and public nudity. Naturists prefer to be nude where appropriate. There are several naturist communities within the UK and also many naturist households. They see nudism as a lifestyle choice and do not view it in a sexual way. Other naturists will be treated in the same way people wearing clothes would be treated. They are comfortable with there own bodies, its not about showing off, its about being comfortable in your own skin.

Swingers are different in their lifestyle is based around sex and they do view others in a sexual way. This is the opposite to naturism. Also a lot of swingers also enjoy dressing up and wearing sexy / lacy outfits. Yes, ok, some swingers do enjoy being naked in front of others and may even class themselves as naturists. It is possible for swingers to be naturists, however Naturists frown upon swinging in their communities. i.e if visiting a naturist campsite then you should not engage in any swinging activity with other couples as you are likely to be asked to leave.

Hope that clarifies some things

Kink x

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