Sexy Outfits

Want to spice things up in the bedroom, give your partner a treat or give yourself some confidence? Maybe you are looking for an outfit for your first club visit or an experienced club goer looking for something new / daring / exciting? Today I’m going to talk about some various outfit options and give some recommendations.


Babydoll’s are quite common, they can be both cute and sexy. If you choose the right babydoll it can hide some of the areas that you maybe are not very confident with. Being a curvy lady myself I don’t like my stomach and thighs. A babydoll can hide your stomach a bit more. You can also get some underwired babydoll’s, which can be amazing especially if your breasts are large. This is my favourite babydoll, great support and hides lots of lumps and bumps, however I did pay for the quality:

I also have this babydoll which again looks stunning, this one is my recommendation, it is fairly cheap, good quality and comes with matching sexy thong. Ideal for any occasion, and also comes in red and black as well:


Body Stockings

Made out of Nylon, these are usually very affordable, all in one body and stockings, usually crotchless. Theses can be worn with underwear underneath or for the more confident, wear on their own. Common in clubs and in the bedroom, they make a lot of women feel sexy and can give that feeling of being both revealing and covered at the same time. My recommendation, this comes in red and black and is a generous fit as well as being very affordable:

**Tip – If you have nipple piercings, either add a colour co-ordianted bra, or choose a design where the piercing won’t get caught**


Corsets can be used for a number of different reasons. They can be used as part of a club outfit, a themed outfit (i.e. rocky horror), to add a kinky theme to the bedroom, as part of a dominatrix outfit, can also be worn by men or can be used in order to waist train. A decent corset can be expensive but you will get what you pay for.

If you are of a smaller frame you can probably get away with wearing a costume style corset to achieve a desired effect, these are cheaper and also easier to move in. However, the do not provide support and are not structurally designed to pull the waist in like a steel boned corset. Anybody of a larger frame or proportionately large breasts will need to go for a steel boned corset, these will provide the support you need, suck your waist in and give more space for larger breasts. There are more expensive but they last really well. I have had my corsets for about 5 years now and they are all still stunning and in good condition.

There are downsides to wearing a corset, a true corset can take a while to get on, especially if you are doing it on your own, which is possible. so I would weight up wearing one if its not going to stay on for very long. Also I advised against wearing a steel boned corset during sex, the bones stop you from moving as much; you could potentially get stuck on your back like a turtle. Also a true corset is dry clean only, you don’t want to have to keep having those dodgy stains washed out.

Something else to consider is what to wear with your corset. Options include, wearing a corset over a dress, adding a skirt, shorts or trousers to your corset, adding a little tulle skirt, or going bold with suspenders. obviously each option is for a different occasion its up to you how to dress up your corset. The tulle skirt I am wearing in the photo above is custom made, if desired you can have one made, the thicker and longer they are the more they cost, mine was about £35.

If you want a quality corset I recommend

Sheer Lace Dress

Sheer lace is the perfect way to look sexy both in and out of the bedroom. There are lots of variations on sheer lace dresses available, just choose something that suits you. Two of my fave sheer lace outfits:

These are comfy for club wear and quick to put on after hot tub or play. Again they are a reasonable price.

Bondage Tape

Feeling a bit daring on a club night, then make an outfit out of bondage tape, its cheap, there are loads of colours to choose from and its bound to turn heads.


Never forget about Lingerie. It can make an outfit or be an outfit in itself, choose a sexy set, pair it with some killer heels and you’re done.


Above all, choose something that makes you feel confident and sexy.

Kink x

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