Alfresco Sex

Sorry for the delay in posts over the last couple of days I’ve been mega busy.

I’m currently writing this whilst sunbathing naked out the back of my favourite club 😜. So I thought I’d write a little about alfresco sex.

Sex outdoors can be very appealing, especially in the summer months. After-all, why get hot and sweaty inside when there is a nice breeze outside

It’s important to choose your location wisely, you don’t want to risk the wrong type of attention and I would advise against somewhere that may have children wandering around.

The most appropriate locations are outside at a club which allows outdoor sex or a private garden. You could also use woodland areas or fields, just be cautious of who they belong to.

I would advise to take a picnic blanket if planning on lying down, you can buy waterproof picnic blankets, this prevents the blanket from becoming damp if the ground is damp.

If planning on playing against a tree or car then I suggest the woman wears clothes which will provide easy access, e.g. a skirt or dress with no knickers.

Noise levels, depending on your location, noise may bring attention to your location, so you may need to be cautious of this.

I know that for some people the thrill of playing outside is that you might get caught, but you just need to be prepared for the consequences if you do.

Have fun in the sun.

Kink x

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