As London’s Pride is today, I thought I should write a post about being yourself. Don’t known if i’m gonna do this justice, but ill give it a good go.

As I hope you all know, LGBTQ+ stands for; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer and everything else. Pride is about having pride in who you are and showing your true colours. Nobody should be ashamed in who they are. I identify as bisexual and I don’t hide it from friends or colleagues. I suppose I am a bit of a hypocrite in that I do hide it from my family, but I hide all of my sexual preferences from my family, there are just some things my parents don’t need to know, they also don’t need to know that I swing and like being restrained and spanked. Personally I enjoy playing with both men and women, I love boobs and cock equally, however when it comes to having a relationship I am more attracted to men. But thats just me. If I was to have a relationship with a women then I would obviously have to come out to my family, but that is different. I understand that its hard and its not always straight forward. Last year, I went on holiday to Mexico with a a friend who was also bisexual. We had both recently come out of relationships and we had a conversation about both our sets of parents banning us from men…. They never said anything about banning us from women haha!

For anybody worrying about maybe coming out to friends or family, realistically, they probably already have suspicions and are just waiting for you to feel comfortable enough to share it with them. A lot of people worry that they won’t be accepted, however when they do come out it’s normally quite the opposite. For example, one of my friends whilst growing up, we always knew he was gay, but I think it took him 5 years to come out. Our response was “finally” and then we just carried on like nothing had changed, because realistically it hadn’t. He is the same person and is now engaged to his partner. I know its not always that simple and that different cultures can make things difficult, but you shouldn’t have to change/hide who you are to suit somebody else. Its just not right.

There is no right or wrong sexuality and nobody should ever tell you that there is. You are the only person that knows what you like and want and what will make you happy, who has the right to tell you otherwise? Nobody should feel ashamed or scared. I also don’t think its right that certain religions and cultures still condemn relations with the same sex… Its 2018 people! Get used to it. As much as it used to be a taboo subject, it isn’t anymore, the times have moved on, so why are people still stuck in their ways. I suppose we can’t change how some people think, but we can change how we respond to comments. Just ignore it, be who you want to be. Sexuality doesn’t define who you are. It shouldn’t even matter to anyone else.

Remember – Somebody who has a closed mind, probably also has a shit sex life, so who’s winning?

I’m quite gutted that I can’t go to pride this year, unfortunately as i’m recovering from surgery i’m not allowed to go anywhere with crowds because I could catch an infection. But for those who are celebrating, i’m with you in spirit. Party hard and do everyone proud.

Be comfortable in your own skin.

Kink x


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