Safe sex

Safety talk time…..

I know I know…. we are all adults and should already know about safe sex, but there are some elements that I just want to touch on.

I suppose you could say there are different levels of safe sex.

  1. Protection against pregnancy
    • Fairly straight forward, when playing with your regular partner make sure you/your partner are on contraception if you don’t want any unplanned babies. There are many different types of contraception, and it might take a while to figure out which method suits you. Methods include, Condoms, the pill, the implant, deposit injection, copper coil, Mirena coil and a few others. My personal choice is the Mirena coil, works for 5 years, no periods and less pain. Its a win win as far as I’m concerned.
  2.  Protection against STI’s
    • When playing with someone who is not your partner you should always be cautious about STI’s. The only way to prevent them is by wearing a condom. No excuses! So all the guys trying it on saying they are allergic to latex, there are latex free condoms available. Other excuses heard are that they don’t perform as well with a condom, well its tough. Ladies, trust me, if a man is giving you excuses you shouldn’t give in, there are plenty of other guys that would jump at the chance and would happily wear a condom. Its just not worth it.
  3. Protection against harm
    • Safe sex also extends to meeting with strangers, make sure someone knows where you are going, as unfortunately not everyone is in it for just bit of fun. This is an important thing to remember, you need to make yourself safe. This goes for both men and women. As you know I am a swinger, I have had a few private meets in the past with people from the swinging community who I’ve never met before. Luckily they have all been fine and I haven’t got myself into a dangerous situation, but I quite easily could have done. I always made sure that somebody knew that I had someone coming round and they were always told to check in on me after a while. Now I  only meet people in clubs, usually my regular club where I have lots of friends who would help me if anything went wrong.
  4. Safety during play
    • I thought I would just add this in, I have mentioned it in some of my other posts, but when using toys and other items during play you should always consider the safety element and what to do if things go wrong. This is especially important with restraint. So for rope play or any other soft material you should keep a pair of scissors handy just in case. If using hard hand cuffs, you should make sure the key is easily available and maybe have a safety spare just incase.

Have fun, just remember to stay safe.

Kink x


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