Swinging Etiquette

Today’s post has been inspired by my visit to one of my local clubs, this particular club I had never been to before as I just hadn’t had time. The club facilities were lovely. However for the first time we saw problems with the etiquette.

So standard swinging etiquette…

NO means NO.. if someone says no then you should accept that and move on.

Ask before touching.. in the street would you want someone to come up and feel your boobs or your bum? NO.. so why do some think it’s acceptable in a club.

Just because a person is naked doesn’t mean they want sex with you. People enjoy being naked, their attraction to you does not change with or with out clothes.

Same theory… just because someone is chatty with you doesn’t necessarily mean they want to have sex with you.

Personal space… this is the big one from today. Same as with touching, you should ask before coming too close to a couple/group whilst they are playing, it is off-putting and generally not welcomed. If you ask and the couple say yes then that is fine. But the last thing most of us want is a bunch of men wanking literally over the top of us without asking. Most couples are happy for people to watch from a distance but not right up close. If the couples were asked then they probably wouldn’t mind so much.

Smart clothes.. most clubs like both men and women to be smartly dressed (no jeans or trainer) or lingerie. It’s not very welcoming if you just turn up in your work gear.

BDSM scenes – never interrupt a BDSM scene. Feel free to watch. However you should not ask to join in. The scene is normally specific between Dom and sub. Also is can be off-putting. Any questions for Dom or sub should wait until the scene is over and until after the sub has received any aftercare required. Only then will they be happy to answer questions.

Flogging – quite often at my regular club we have the floggers out with various people, myself included. You should never walk too close to someone who is wheedling floggers. You may get hit by accident, also, the dominant may get frustrated and this may cloud their judgement as to the strength of their strikes. The same as with the BDSM scenes, you should not interrupt until the flogging is over. And NO you may not have a go at using the floggers on the person tied up without their permission. Occasionally people are happy to let newbies to flogging practice, but some people are not so you need to be aware of that.

Sorry.. I’ll stop ranting now 🙂

Kink x

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