Lets Talk About Sex Baby…

… Lets talk about you and me.

Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

So the latest news is that here in the UK the supermarket Sainsbury’s are launching a range of vibrators. They are starting with a range of 3 and depending on the demand they will be looking to increase their range.

Now we need to talk about this… I have many issues with this news. Please feel free to comment below and add your views.

The initial range being introduced is a rose gold bullet £8, a rose blush bullet £12, and the Aura Silver Vibrator and massager £15. They are being advertised as a cheap alternative for women who don’t want to pay top price for pleasure. I don’t know if its just me, but you can get many various types of vibrators from several websites for similar prices. So my first comment is that these vibrators arn’t necessarily cheaper. Secondly, are they realistically going to be any different to what is already available elsewhere? I have to say probably not.

Should we really be selling sex toys in supermarkets? I mean, I’m all for the normalisation of sex in conversation; it really shouldn’t be a taboo subject. however should we be buying a vibrator with our weekly shopping, probably not. Another comment I heard was that if people didn’t know where to get a vibrator from, then now they know you can go to Sainsbury’s. I’m not sure, but last time I checked if you just google “sex toys” it suggests many websites, which all have discrete packaging websites. Also, who doesn’t know that Ann Summer’s sells sex toys. Whilst i’m not the biggest fan of Ann Summers, they can be expensive and my breasts are too large for their lingerie, at least they have managed to become a name that everyone recognises as a seller of sex toys. This is something that I don’t think any supermarket will be able to compete with.

Choosing a vibrator shouldn’t be something you just pick up. It should be well thought out as to what sort you want to try. Benefits of using a website such as Lovehoney or Bondara, are that you can see reviews on the products, which might help you to choose more easily. Even using a shop such as Ann Summers or Pulse and Cocktails, the assistants are familiar with the products and can advise you, and you also have the added bonus of being able to handle products and feel the vibrations before purchase.

My other issue with this whole story is that the media still talk about sex like it shouldn’t be talked about. So they have found some statistic from somewhere that stated that 1/3 of people are unsatisfied with their sex lives. Maybe if everybody was more open and comfortable talking about sex then we could all share knowledge and experiences. Then maybe, just maybe some of these unsatisfied people would be able to learn new things which they could use to make their sex lives better. It annoyed me earlier when I heard about this on our local radio station, one of the presenters obviously wasn’t happy talking about sex and stated that she never wanted a vibrator and was happy with out toys. Now I understand that toys arn’t for everyone, but to shut the conversation down is wrong, maybe some people want something a bit extra. Maybe some ladies want something small for when their partners aren’t there.

I also have an issue with the portrayal that a vibrator will fix your sex life. It won’t. No point in kidding yourself. The main thing that stops people from enjoying their sex life is communication. Communication with your partner is so important. Sometimes its also your attitude towards sex. Yes a vibrator can be used to enhance play and sensation and to give variety into the bedroom, No it will not fix marital problems.

For those of us who have been more involved in the wide domain of sex toys… I don’t know about you, but i’m bored of battery powered. Hence why I still love my mains powered wand and now the battery powered vibes just sit in their case pretty much unused.

I’m sorry if this was a bit of a rant and it may seem like I’m just putting a downer on the idea. I just think its been done in the wrong way. Let me know your thoughts?

Should sex toy creation and selling be left to the experts/specialists?

If anyone from Sainsbury’s is reading this, I’m happy to advise.

Kink xx

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