Hold Ups for Large Thighs

The Big Tights Company – All Woman Lace Hold Ups


Today’s post is all about hold ups.

I have never been able to wear hold ups because I have proportionately large thighs. Every pair of hold ups that I’ve tried just role down. I am currently about a size 20 (yes I know.. I am trying to loose weight). with a curvy figure. This post has come about because last week I ordered some hold ups from a well known online retailer in a size 20-22 hoping that they might possibly fit and they wouldn’t even go up my thigh due to their desire to roll down straight away. I got really frustrated by this so I set out the task to find hold ups for my massive thighs… and Ladies, i’ve done it. 

I have found what some of you may have never dreamed possible. Hold ups for thighs like mine. If you have Large thighs and struggle for hold ups, and stockings. then you need to try The Big Tights Company.


I ordered the all Woman Lace Hold Ups in Black. I measured my thighs to make an attempt to get the right size first time (This is well worth taking the time to do). Delivery was super quick, next day, and they fit through my letter box (I normally miss the postman.) I tired these hold ups on straight away because I was so excited to see if they fit. and i’m so excited to say THEY ACTUALLY FIT!!!!! Also the don’t role down!! This makes me so happy.

Whilst writing this, I’ve only been in possession of these hold ups for a couple of hours, and I can feel the massive confidence boost its given me finding a product that fits beautifully. I’m so excited to be able to wear these for my partner and I can’t wait to try them out in a club. 

The particular pair I went for cost £16.95. Now this may seem a bit steep. However I genuinely think these are worth every penny. You cannot get this fit anywhere else that I have found. The quality is excellent and they genuinely look stunning. 

Now I just want to clarify that I am not endorsed by this company in any way. I am just a very satisfied customer. I think their hold ups and stocking are so good that all my lovely readers and followers deserve to know about them. 

I will defiantly be getting more of these in the future. I am genuinely impressed!

Congratulations The Big Tights company, for one of the best products I’ve ever brought.

In fact, I’m going to make a promise, right now. If there is any company out there that can impress me with a product as much as the Big Tights Company have, then I will also give you a blog post featuring that product and all the FREE publicity that goes with it. Hopefully, one day, this will inspire the creation of more quality items that start to appear on the market.



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